Adventures in canning: Cherry Bounce!

Ever since a conversation I had with a lady at the farmers’ market last spring, I’ve been wanting to make cherry bounce.

Bounce for the uninitiated, is a type of liqueur made by taking fruit and/or herbs, a lot of sugar, and some kind of alcohol base and macerating it all for a long time.

cherry bounce 1

I used the Washington Post recipe which was pretty easy. Other than piercing the cherries, the most difficult part was making sure to shake it well to dissolve the sugar.

So now I have this, which will be living on my counter for a week or so before going into the basement for 40 something days.

cherry bounce 2

Come to the dark side

We have cake!

clementine 4

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Eating Well – Day 309


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Eating Well – Day 308

Behold the wonder that is Mushroom Bourguignon. Like Boeuf Bourguignon, it sounds way fancier and harder to make than it really is.

Basically it’s a stew with wine. And anyone can make stew.


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Eating Well – Day 299


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Eating Well – Day 283

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Eating Well – Day 264

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Eating Well – Day 257

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Day 255 – It’s all in the planning

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Weights & Measures – Day 226

One of my resolutions when I began this journey was to log my caloric intake. To do that, I’ve been using myfitnesspal, which has the advantage of integrating with my Fitbit and also, it’s free. It has issues, though.

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