Monthly Archives: October 2004

House of the Rising Sun

Almost missed last night’s new episode. It wasn’t as showy as previous ones have been, but it was greatly moving.

On another level, one of the trashiest reality TV shows ever, which coincidentally airs at the same time as Lost continues to be just as entertaining. Okay, in a much cheesier and more melodramatic way. Trash has its place.

Meanwhile, I’m dipping in and out of Bad Boys: The Actors of Film Noir. Not quite the kind of book you read cover to cover, but it’s fairly authoritative and comprehensive, plus it’s probably the first one I’ve seen to have people like Robert Ryan as well as actors like George Macready.

Forget the catsuit

BBC America airs a bunch of classic British shows every Friday. I’ve got The Prisoner on tape, and I could care less about The Saint, but I’m really enjoying The Avengers reruns a lot.

It’s interesting. There’s Diana Rigg as Emma Peel and yeah, she’s wearing a catsuit, but she’s also a smart, strong, gutsy female character. Found this site which delves further into this.

Waiting for the payoff

So I’ve been hating most of the new season of Gilmore Girls. Neither Lorelai or Rory have been likeable characters in a good long while, but I’ve kept watching for the writing and the quirky characters. Now, last night the chief plot of the episode involves the difficulties Rory and Dean have getting together. Forgive me for not being torn up about the problems this spoiled brat is having dating a married (albeit separated) man. I keep hoping that at some point we’re going to see some growth on the part of Lorelai and Rory; so far, it just ain’t happening.

If I know there’s going to be a payoff for suffering through something, then that’s one thing. Sometimes unpleasant or boring things need to happen first. But when that payoff doesn’t come, I start looking for another TV show.

Lost and Found

For once it looks like I’ve found a good show that’s doing well in the ratings. Not something that happens often with me.

Old idea, nice execution

Caught the repeat of Lost this weekend and I’m glad I did. Surprisingly interesting execution of a pretty tired concept: group of survivors trapped on an island with little hope of rescue. Not sure about the mysterious monster in the jungle bit yet, but it’s got a decent cast and it’ll make a nice change for me from my usual reality TV fare.

Of course, this means I’m going to have to start taping the other show that’s in this same timeslot…