A reality show where talent is a must?

Yesterday afternoon, while I was ironing, I happened to catch three episodes in a row of Project Runway. For some reason (the host is also a supermodel) I thought it was just a knockoff of America’s Next Top Model, which though highly entertaining is really a travesty of itself. Watching a travesty of a travesty of a travesty–not so appealing.

Turns out I got the concept wrong. It’s a show about fledgling fashion designers. They start out with 12. Each week someone gets eliminated. Big prize is a spread in some fashion rag, a 100 grand, and a “mentorship” with Banana Republic’s design team. Not sure what the last is all about, but anyhow. It’s a surprisingly good show.

For starters the contestants have well, talent. Not only that they’ve either got degrees in design or they have design businesses. So unlike ANTM which has drugstore clerks from East Nowhere who merely dream of a career, these people know what they’re doing.

To be sure they’ve picked a group of designers who have the drama element down, but it’s interesting, the one contestant who seemed to think she was on Survivor? was in the bottom for two episodes until she realized she needed to concentrate on herself and her work.

Makes for a nice change.


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