Another Pratchett offering

I devoured the latest Terry Pratchett Disc World novel last night. In Going Postal, the Patrician of Ankh-Morpok, the one, the only, Lord Vetinari appoints a forger/embezzler/con artist to head up the Post Office. Wackiness ensues.

Not entirely sure how Terry Pratchett manages to keep his Disc World novels so fresh. Other authors have tried and failed. The first couple of books are great and well-written. Then the author starts repeating him or herself And then then they’re just sort of there. I’m not saying Pratchett is the best author in a critical sense, or that every one of these books is superior. Lord, knows he’s had his misses. I think what I’m getting at is that usually with these series, once one’s bombed, the author never gets the magic back. But somehow that’s not the case here.


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