Nary an axe in sight

My book club meets tonight. In the nick of time (pun intended), I finished this months read, whch was The Time Traveler’s Wife. To my utter surprise, I loved this.

The surprise has to do with the serious penchant of my fellow book clubbers for those dreary books that seem to feature someone growing up in North Dakota amidst turmoil and possibly axe-wielding serial killers. I have nothing against North Dakota, you understand. My best friend drove through the Dakotas when she moved to the Pacific Northwest and said the scenery was breathtaking. I just am so tired of all the sturm and drang of the darkside of the American Midwest Oprah novel. I just am.

Anyhow, The Time Traveler’s Wife is less a fantasy than it is a love story. Henry, the time traveler, has the ability to travel back and forwards in time. He can’t control it and there are definite side effects with which he must contend. The perspective shifts between him and his wife, Claire. Their love is the thread that runs through the whole novel. It’s beautifully written and was surprisingly gripping.


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