The Good Kind of Reality TV

Watched the finale of Project Runway . To my great joy, the person who deserved to win won.

What I’ve really loved about this show is that until recently the focus has been on the talent and on the design aspect rather than the “drama.” There’s a place for reality show personality driven dreck. I admit that. In fact, I have a couple of shows that I watch for that factor.

But. How refreshing was it to see a group of talented people who for the most part knew what it was they were doing. They weren’t people of the street who thought they could be designers, but who had never created a garment in their lives. They were designers, or at least people who had some kind of skill set that made their dream a plausible one.

As the show went on, they started focusing more on Wendy Pepper (I refuse to link to her site). She’s a dressmaker from a wealthy town in Virginia, who was under the strange impression that she was on Survivor. I suspect that the producers and Bravo wanted to show more of her because they wanted to play it safe. The show was a new concept and a different way to go and we all know how networks hate to take risks. But I think it detracted from what really could have been an outstanding show.


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