Alias Grace

You know how sometimes you get it into your head that you have no interest in a particular book/movie/show? And maybe you finally do see or read that thing everyone’s telling you to see or read. Nine times out of ten, I usually still have no interest. But there’s always that 10th time.

Friend of mine raved about Alias Grace. I’m not a big Margaret Atwood fan, which most would probably consider heresy, but hey, call me a heretic then. Anyhow, she booktalked it so well that I thought I’d give it a shot even though the subject matter sounded dark and I’m getting tired of dark, grim novels.

Somehow though, this book which is based on a real story of a 19th century servant who was convicted of aiding and abetting in a murder of her employer and the housekeeper, is both beautiful and even uplifting. It’s a remarkable novel with a wealth of detail. I resisted the temptation to read up on the book and the original case. Just read an interesting interview with Atwood.

I think I need to reread this book again…


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