Should we apologize to China?

My Sunday morning ritual involves coffee, the newspaper, breakfast (usually something I had to actually cook up), coffee, and lately, watching the general horror that is Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee. This past Sunday, the horror in question was her Chinese “inspired” mess.

Funnily enough, the general literature is largely positive of the lady. I can only conclude that these journalists know nothing about cooking, or if they have, never watched the show. The concept behind the show is appealing enough: perky Martha Stewartesque lady showing you how to whip up good meals using basic easy-to-find ingredients with none of Martha’s insistence on raising your own chickens or milling your own flour. It’s a great concept, but there are a lot of other TV chefs out there doing this very thing.

Meanwhile, there’s Sandra Lee doing and saying the most culturally insensitive things I’ve heard on my TV in years. The recipes are mindnumbingly awful. Her execution is worse. And she’s still on the Food Network because????


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