Nobody got the memo

I realize that I’m still something of a new librarian, but I’ve worked the desk long enough to know that in the summer, the questions are few and far between. Every other summer, they’ve been no-brainers. “The bathroom is down that way, turn right after the bookshelves.” “Sure, you can have a pencil.” “I’ll fill the paper right away.”

While I know in reality that they can hit you with the tough ones any old time, I tend to get into the easy mindset once classes are out. For some reason, this summer, every single time I take the desk, I have been getting hit with the hard questions. I’ve been at the library three years if you count my stint as a student assistant, and in all of that time, I have never, not once, been asked about medical coding or billing. Past three weeks, I’ve had at least four mind-numbingly difficult questions on those topics.

I think I need to throw the “it’s dead in the summer” theory in with the other myths like “I’ll have time to write X or to complete Project Y during the break/intercession/summer.”


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