Why I’m leery of the Cozy

Warning signs you have a badly written cozy in front of you:

  1. There are recipes
  2. It’s written in the first person
  3. It’s a series novel and you’re still lost by the first ten pages
  4. Pets play an all-too prominent role in the story
  5. There’s so much going on with the cover art, you feel claustrophobic just looking at it
  6. The person’s reaction on finding the dead body is so casual that it might be the same as discovering they’ve misplaced a pen
  7. The author clearly thinks the book is funny when it’s not
  8. There’s less originality in the formula than in a Harlequin romance
  9. The title is overly cutesy
  10. The author breaks most of the 10 Commandments of Detective Fiction

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