With familiarity comes inquiry

I’ve been working on getting into better physical shape. Because of my living space, budget, and the general awfulness of the region’s weather, that means my options are rather limited. So when a friend recommended some “walking” DVDs, I jumped on it. I like the workouts and I can see the results.

It’s like any other thing in life though. At first, you’re busy trying to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing so you don’t notice all of the small stuff. Then once you get comfortable enough, you begin to pick up on the little things and you wonder.

For instance, does it hurt to smile that way throughout an entire 30 minute workout? Seriously, there are cheerleaders would give their right arm to be able to maintain a permanent grin for that length of time. Then there’s that one chick (Tara???) who looks like she’s barely moving, while Jody is all energy (even if she keeps losing time). And why do they all pick on the token male? He hasn’t lost count once and he’s picking up his feet more than half of them.

Yes, I know, I need a life.

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