4 guys in an alley drinking beer

It can be disconcerting to realize that a show has been going on for years and you never realized it. A few months ago I was flipping around and happened on King of the Hill, a program my brother always spoke highly of. I’ve seen a few random episodes here and there, but it kind of slipped under my RADAR–to my complete chagrin.

The show is both intelligent and wacky and still there’s a soupçon of heart thrown in there too (a surprisingly difficult combination to achieve). I like the writing and the animation. The earlier episodes seem to have more life to them visually. Haven’t looked into it, but I’m wondering if they went over to the dark side and the animation is now computer generated.

I like the use of guest stars too. The Simpsons kind of jumped the shark with their use of famous people and the cameos. A few posters on some message boards made the astute comment that on KOTH, the stars aren’t generally playing themselves. Well, Chuck Mangione is, but it’s gloriously weird and he’s almost a regular character. I discovered the dang thing has been on for eons. The sad thing is it wouldn’t have mattered. The concept would have turned me off. Some things you need to see to believe. Four redneck guys in Texas drinking beer in the alley don’t sound inherently amusing. And yet, on this show, they are.


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