Monthly Archives: August 2005

Spirited Away

A friend and I got to talking about Howl’s Moving Castle. Turns out the same amazing animator Hayao Miyazaki who did Howl’s Moving Castle, did Spirited Away. I got to see the latter and I loved it. Enchanting and moving and quite creepy really. The animation is vibrant and wonderful. A young girl has to move to a new city. She’s apprehensive about it. On the way, the family gets lost and ends up in a distinctly eerie setting, which of course the parents feel obliged to investigate. Highly recommended.

They’re baaaacckkkk!

The summer makes you soft. You get to a point when you expect to be able to plow through some work at the desk punctuated only by the occasional request for directions to the loo or the stapler. It’s only Tuesday, and clearly, those days are gone for the next two semesters.

I have to say though having actual questions feels pretty good. They’re also more receptive to the information right now. Everyone’s eager. Everyone has good intentions. They’re all going to do the course reserve reading. They’re all going to get their assignments done ahead of time. Heck, they’re all going to get As. The jaded attitude doesn’t come till later.

One thing I’m not looking forward to are the “Why doesn’t the library carry my textbooks?” questions.

Just call me a geek

I spent far too much time at the new food pyramid site than any human being should. I have to say the USDA has done a fine job. It’s got all these great customizable features where you can basically input your own food consumption and it will calculate how close you are to the Pyramid.

Very very cool.

Yes, I am a huge nerd.