Black Friday

There is something very eerie about the library on the day after Thanksgiving. I’ve often joked that we could get in some skeet shooting on the reference floor and no one would notice. It’s funny how you can go from reference burnout a week before to drag patrons to the reference desk the next (not that I’ve ever done that). I sometimes have to remind myself that the random patron just wants to know how to print off that full text article in InfoTrac, and probably would rather I didn’t go into a 20-minute BI on the databases ins and outs.

On the other hand, I won’t get flooded with 100 listserv e-mails, which means I can actually get some work done. I’m actually looking forward to working today. I’d rather die than hit the mall (are the bargains really that good? enough to warrant having to negotiate mall parking lots with 20,000 crazed drivers? I didn’t think so) and it’ll be a nice calm before the storm next week.


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