Instant gratification

Lost is probably a good third through the second season by now. My initial misgivings and fears appear to have been misplaced. I feel a little guilty for my lack of trust because the past two episodes have been excellent.

I notice that on a lot of the message boards these days most of us are very impatient with TV programs. A show has one bad or poorly written scene and that’s it, we declare, it’s jumped the shark. I’m not sure if it’s because now you don’t even have to wait till the next time you’re around the proverbial water cooler to talk about a film or television show you saw. It could be very easy to find your opinion swaying after reading oh, 25 pages worth of comments saying that a program was awful. Or even if it holds true, you might not want to venture posting that you disagree.

I haven’t done as much writing as I would like to, but from my brief experiences with fiction (nothing published–I just have a stack of legal pads on the bottom of a closet), I do know that sometimes there has to be set-up. You need exposition. Characters need to develop. And yet, knowing that full well and having been critical of media where this does not happen, here I’ve been griping when I don’t get what I want immediately. Perhaps patience is in order…


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