One of my ten New Year’s Resolutions (yes, ten, it’s sort of a tradition) was to record all of the books and movies I saw in the New Year. On the movie front, I wish I could say I saw something very highbrow, but my first film of 2006 was a made-for-TV thing called The Glow. What is The Glow you ask? Well, it’s about married couple Portia de Rossi and Dean Cain who somehow get hooked up with a surprisingly spry group of senior citizens. They’re a healthy group, these geriatrics–Dina Merrill, Hal Linden, Joseph Campanella, Grace Zabriskie, and others–and they just happen to have an amazing apartment available dirt cheap in the building they own. In move Portia and Dean. The latter gets sucked into their fitness regimen, while Portia is quickly weirded out by their freaking out at her using butter, Dina Merrill’s skintight leather outfits (although I have to say the lady still has the figure for them), and a general creepiness they all exude. Let’s just say that these are not AARP’s finest. Not a particularly good film, but I had a lot of fun watching it.

First book of the year was at least not trash and not Sudoku puzzles. My best friend got me Julie & Julia for Christmas. Julie Powell created a blog called the Julie/Julia Project way back in 2002. She took Julia Child’s classic Mastering the Art of French Cooking and proceeded to cook her way through the whole darn thing. Not a great book (although a heck of a lot higher on the culture scale than The Glow), but extremely readable.

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