What is a "classic movie" anyhow?

Turner Classic Movies is running two Hayao Miyazaki films every Thursday this month. Now I’ve come to really like Miyazaki’s movies. Spirited Away is a great film and so far I’ve loved everything else I’ve seen, but we’re talking flicks that have been made in the last ten years (well, mostly).

I should state that I’d much rather they air Miyazaki movies than start showing something inane like The Breakfast Club seven times a week, but I’m reminded of this AM radio station that I’m addicted to. They claim to only play “old time rock and roll,” by which they mean things like early Eddie Cochran and early Bill Haley. And sometimes they do. They also occasionally play the odd ELO number and things like Gloria. On Sunday mornings they do Polka music and there’s a hefty portion of the day devoted toward Spanish language (including Gloria in Spanish). As entertaining as all of this may be, I have to say that’s a really expansive version of “old time rock and roll.”

Okay getting back to TCM. After watching the downfall of AMC, I am constantly worried that it’s going to follow suit. Already they’ve been replaying a lot of the same movies on a weekly or monthly basis. Can commercials be far behind? I will say that I’ve been relieved to see them returning to showing some of the more obscure flicks. This morning they had an early talkie with Conrad Nagel. Okay, Loretta Young was in it and was really the reason they were airing it at all, but still, it’s not like they aired The Bishop’s Wife ten times in a row. Conrad Nagel would never, but never, make it onto AMC–not unless they brought him back from the dead or did CGI to add him to Some Kind of Wonderful.

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