Film Literature Index

I was introduced to this by a circuitous route. Someone who’s doing research on classic film actually checked out my page on search strategies (it’s heartening to know it gets used; as a librarian I adore making pathfinders, but as a librarian I also know hardly anyone ever touches the things). I had something on there about the print version of the Film Literature Index. My correspondent evidently googled it and found that it is now available online. He had lost the link. Lo and behold, he was right!

  • Free
  • Covers 1976-2001
  • 700,000 citations
  • Easy-to-use interface with simple and advanced searches
  • Lots of hyperlinks

It’s a thing of beauty. Now granted I doubt I’m going to get many questions at the library that would have me using this little gem, but still, it made my day.


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