No, we don’t have your textbooks

Money is tight and textbooks, particularly medical textbooks are not cheap. So it makes perfect sense that students try and borrow them from us. I get that; really, I do. What I don’t get are their reactions when you tell them we either don’t have the book or that it’s checked out.

It never seems to occur to the student that if he/she got the bright idea to borrow the class text from the library that it also occurred to the other 49 students in the class.

Sometimes they try and get the name of the person who’s borrowed the book. We never give that out of course, but I’d love to know exactly what the patron is thinking. Is there some sort of a stickup after class? “Let me tell you what’s going to happen. We’re going to walk down to the library right now and you’re going to return that book and I’m going to check it out. Play it my way and nobody gets hurt.” Or do they try appealing to the borrower’s better nature? “Look, I’m eating catfood. You have money. Please, buy your copy and let me borrow yours.” Perhaps they go for a mass violation of copyright and xerox the whole darn thing? Or is there no plan at all?

You have to wonder…


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