You know you’re a librarian

…when you move into a new apartment and realize that you own 20–count ’em–20 boxes of books.

I weed my collection pretty regularly. But I will say that I’m realizing that in some cases I really need to handle each book to determine if I’m going to keep it or not. In a library, of course, looking at individual catalog records will do the same thing for you, but I’m not that geeky about my personal collection. Okay, I am that geeky about my DVDs and tapes. We do a lot with EndNote at our library. EndNote is really meant to be used as a citation tool. You can export references from a particular database into the software and then when you’re writing a paper, insert those references into whatever citation style you like, which is wonderful. No worrying about what part of the citation needs to be italicized or where the periods go.

The software has some advanced features that I was working with about a year ago in preparation for a workshop. I ended up cataloging my DVDs and tapes. It was actually pretty easy. I searched WorldCat for most of the titles, exported the records to EndNote, and then managed to modify the fields in EndNote to add things that were important to me like extra actors, studios, genre types, etc. Taught me a ton about how to modify the reference types and search the software.

I’m not about to do that for 20 boxes of books though.


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