Just say no

Another of my ten New Year’s resolutions is to drop one reality TV show from my line up. I have been pretty successful about not adding any new ones on, but I wasn’t at all sure what I would be able to let go.

The front runner was going to be Big Brother which is pure trash with no redeeming values whatsoever (unlike for example, Project Runway where talent is at least part of the larger picture).

Then last night I was watching the premiere of Survivor. They divided the contestants into 4 teams based on gender and age lines. About a half an hour into it, I was done and I do mean done. Same old stuff, different day. The show’s had 12 seasons and it’s gotten utterly predictable. No matter how much they claim it’s something “never seen before,” it’s something we’ve all seen before. I got better things I can do with my time, thank you very much.


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