Librarian pet peeves

Well, one of them anyway.
Like most of my fellow librarians, I am on far too many library listservs. It’s insane the amount of e-mail I get on my work account; it truly is. However, it’s part of the job and you learn to deal with it.

What totally baffles me are the perennial messages from people either trying to unsubscribe from a list–sent to the list, mind you, with a “Please take me off this list”–or who send a message like how do I unsubscribe from this list?” Okay, well, here is my little rant:

  1. These are fairly standard lists and you managed to subscribe on your own. They all have you sending the commands to a different address than the ones you send the posts too.
  2. Remember seeing the instruction e-mail that is always e-mailed when you sent in your request the first time? Save it in an e-mail folder and call it up when you need it.
  3. You’re a librarian–someone who specializes in information–you can’t Google “unsubscribe name-of-list” and call it a day?

One response to “Librarian pet peeves

  1. I get peeved about this one, also. What’s embarrassing is that these people are letting their colleagues know how stupid/lazy they really are.

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