Project Runway – the Finale

Yesterday was the long-awaited finale for Project Runway. Things I liked:

  • All the collections were very different – I loved that they were all coming from very dissimilar points-of-view.
  • They gave the “decoy” the same amount of money for her collection. Frankly, I thought Kara Janx was pretty darn strong, stronger possibly than the other three.
  • I liked that none of them seemed to let personality conflicts get in the way of their work. They are professionals. They know what they’re doing and that’s fun to watch.

Things I didn’t care for:

  • Forcing the designers to create a 13th look at the last minute – according to the divine Tim, they thought the drama wouldn’t be there otherwise. I don’t think the producers understand that part of what makes this show so cool is that people watch just for the fashion and the construction. You don’t need manufactured drama.
  • Interrupting the fashion show for the designer voice-over.
  • Less emphasis on how the designers put everything together. There wasn’t the same level of detail when it came to the model selections, the accessories, the hair, the make-up.

As for the collections of the top three, I admit to being a spoiler addict. I was clicking through Getty Images on my lunch hour the day of the show like tens of thousands of other people. At the time, I wasn’t sure about any of the designers. My big question was what exactly was Chloe Dao thinking. Her collection looked like bad 1980s-inspired promwear. Santino’s shocked me in that I liked most of it. Daniel V., well, I’ve liked Daniel V. all along and I think I pegged him as the front runner.

But there’s something about seeing the garments in motion. Santino’s didn’t fit his models all that well, although again, I found myself liking his stuff. I liked it a lot. Daniel’s line is probably closest to my personal taste. But Chloe’s . . . it was totally different from the stills. There was something there. I wish I knew more about couture. I think it was a well-deserved win.

It’ll be interesting to see the next season. I hope to god they allow all the designers to pick different models each week. It would also be nice if they went back to their original number of designers. Too many people just makes for an overly inflated program. Also? I really don’t need to see any of the old contestants on the show again. I just don’t.


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