If they can’t even Google it…

You can’t go very far these days without stumbling across articles about Helicopter Parents and the Millennial Generation–at least not if you’re a public services librarian in the academic sector.

The Phantom Professor had a post the other day about these folks and linked to yet another article. Her blog, btw, is fantastic–teaching from the other side of the fence is always worth checking into. Anyhow, one of the comments is from a 23-year-old who claims that her parents are still doing everything for her (taxes, oil changes, etc.). She sounds a little mournful about it all.

If that isn’t an argument for information literacy, then I don’t know what is. This generation is lauded for their proficiency with technology, and yet it hasn’t occurred to this woman to type a couple of words into Google. I realize that this is one blog post, and that it is quite possible that 23-year-old Alicia is a 49-year-old guy named Melvin who lives in his mom’s basement. But I’ve logged in enough hours at the reference desk to notice that being able to figure your way around an iPod does not a genius make.


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