Hic sunt dragones

New episode of Lost this week. So far the show’s season has been, well, uneven. Occasional flashes of brilliance, followed by long patches of mediocrity. Last night was one of the brilliant ones. As regular viewers will know, each week is written around a different character using flashbacks. This week was Locke’s, which is always a good starting point. Terry O’Quinn is a strong performer who can pretty rock anything he’s given. This was no exception. Also featured in the episode was Michael Emerson. One thing I love about this show is the fact that so many character actors are given nice meaty parts in which to shine.

Strong episode, minimal Kate (always a good thing), and a nice big fat juicy puzzle for those inclined to tackle it. Namely a map with equations, Latin phrases, cryptic notes. My favorite phrase is “hic sunt dragones” which translates to “there be dragons.” It’s a phrase commonly found on older maps from the days of yore. Namely when there were uncharted regions. Nothing worse than the unknown, I guess.


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