Levels of Evidence coolness

I came back from MLA last week and am now going through the usual pile of material one accumulates at a conference. I rather liked one poster in particular. Dartmouth and Yale’s medical libraries collaborated to produce this handy dandy EBM Page Generator.

In evidence-based practice, the health care provider is called upon to find “evidence” on which they base their clinical decisions. There’s a lot more going on, of course, but this is part of it. “Levels of evidence” generally categorizes the various types of literature, some having more weight than others. It is usually depicted as a hierarchical pyramid.

I like to use it in BIs, but sometimes the levels aren’t appropriate for the discipline or they don’t include the types of literature I want to cover. Yes, you can construct something with autoshapes, but it’s usually a pain to do that. So kudos to the folks who came up with this idea.


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