All things to all people

I seem to have become everybody’s personal reference librarian. It got out in my neighborhood that I’m librarian. Now I have the people next door asking me to do reader’s advisory for their pre-teen daughter. Another person wants me to tell her what her books are worth–ten boxes of books. Bear in mind that I’m a medical reference librarian. You go to a dinner party. People ask you to find out what is honey exactly and who was that guy? You know, the one who was in that movie that they can’t quite remember the name of (bookstore employees will recognize this as a variant of the Green Book Syndrome*). I suppose it’s better than being asked to look up symptoms and tell them if they have a disease or not…

Incidentally, everyone seems to think I spend my days in an ivy-covered edifice, seated in a leather club chair reading Dickens. Even when I mention committee meetings, e-mail, and problem patrons, they don’t seem to believe me.

*Green Book Syndrome: “I’m looking for a book. No, I don’t know the title. No, I don’t know who wrote it. No, I don’t know what it’s about. Oh, wait, it had a green cover!”

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