The joys of an old-fashioned butchershop

So it’s been ages since I posted. I’m going to blame it on the teaching season for academic librarians, being out of town, and freakish snowstorms.

Although I’ve not been watching nearly as much of the Food Network as before, I do still tune in occasionally. I decided to make a Giada DeLaurentiis recipe–simple version of Italian Wedding Soup. It looked good; the ingredients were accessible. All that was slightly out there for me was ground pork, but I thought that would be easy enough to obtain.

Off I headed to my grocery store of choice. Not only did that they not have ground pork, they also lacked a butcher. The clerk looked said it might be in later on that week, he said vaguely. When I asked if they could grind some for me, he looked at me as if I had suggested he dance naked through the supermarket. I threw up my hands and got the heck out of the store.

On impulse I drove a couple of blocks to a butcher shop my mom still goes to. They didn’t have ground pork either, but they immediately offered to grind some fresh for me. I even got to pick out the piece I wanted them to use. Then the butcher ground it in front of me. While I was there, I bought a bunch of other things–all about comparable in price to Wegmans and all higher in quality. They asked each time how I wanted things wrapped. It was great. I will be patronizing them in the future.

The soup was awesome too.


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