For your consideration

I went to the movies this weekend. It’s been ages since I did that. Somehow I usually can’t muster up the interest to go spend too much money to get to the flicks. But I like Christopher Guest and his wacky stock company so I took the time to go see For Your Consideration at the theatre. The plot is pretty simple. During the making of an independent film (“Home for Purim”), the veteran lead actress (Catherine O’Hara) learns there’s been some Internet buzz about her performance and a possible Oscar nod. Before long Oscar fever has swept the cast and the entertainment world.

There are some sidesplitting scenes–any of the footage of Home for Purim is worth the price of admission. I didn’t love the movie though and I came in prepared to do that. All the actors are incredible performers, but there is some unevenness in this movie and I’m not sure why. Catherine O’Hara really shines as the aptly named Marilyn Hack. There’s depth and pathos in her performance. I wonder if that’s the problem. She took her role to the next level and no one else did? Or perhaps it was out of place in this kind of film? I’m not sure. Worth seeing, but nowhere near as cohesively brilliant as Best in Show.


One response to “For your consideration

  1. I saw For Your Consideration at the Toronto International Film Festival and had a great time. I agree, it’s not Christopher Guest’s best film (that’s still probably Best in Show), but it was wonderful that at the matinee showing I attended, the entire cast came out for Q&A afterwards. That never happens except at the evening galas, so it was a big treat for all of us.

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