You can never be too rich or too thin

Or can you?

HBO has a documentary out called simply “Thin.” I heard about it when I was at the Dr’s office and read an article about it in People (yeah, I know, not very high-brow, but it was between that and some fish and game mag). Thin concerns four young women who suffer from eating disorders as they are being treated at Renfrew. It’s a fascinating documentary, harrowing at times–the worst bit is toward the end where Brittany (the youngest of the four subjects who at under 100 pounds wants to lose 40 more) is in her last group therapy session. Three of the subjects have been active in forums and such, but I can’t find out what happened to to Brittany, whose interviews still haunt me.

Really, really worth seeing.

One response to “You can never be too rich or too thin

  1. I know it’s been a long time since you made this post, but I wanted to know the same thing about brittany.She’s still very much alive, and has a myspace, which is friended by the myspace account that the “Thin” documentary has. It was such a relief.