Addicted to FN?

I’ve been taking a self-imposed break from the Food Network for awhile there. The other day I got home early and I thought, hey, let’s give it a try again. There was Sandra Lee, who post-divorce, appears to have had considerable (if inept) work done talking about making chantilly cream. She used vanilla pudding and cool whip. To top it off she was using canned (yes, canned) pears. Why? I have no idea.

I wasn’t familiar with chantilly cream until I looked it up. Turns out that’s what I’ve been making (from scratch) for years now.

The dessert concept wasn’t bad–perfectly ripe pears are insanely good, but why anyone would mess around with canned pears and thawing cool whip, when they could spend a couple of minutes peeling fresh pears and 10 minutes making whipped cream with a little vanilla and sugar is totally beyond me.

Time to back away from the FN again…


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