Sic gloria transit

The last episode of Rome is over. HBO canceled it; apparently the ratings weren’t enough to justify the production costs. I gather those were substantial. They filmed the series in Italy and went to great pains with the sets and the costumes.

They took some liberties with historical accuracy. Brutus for instance did not die charging into battle. Octavia had another husband and more than the one child. Heck, Marc Antony had far more than just the one wife. Octavian and Livia’s courtship and marriage was actually pretty scandalous back in the day.

That ain’t how it played on the TV show.

All of that said, I loved the show. The actors were really really good. There was tons of eye candy. It was a fun, almost like a guilty pleasure, except that if you go back to some of the original source material, you get the sense that show was pretty tame in comparison.

Sigh. I will miss it.


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