Bringing history to life

We have a really talented library school student doing a practicum in our History of Medicine collection. Her name is Tyler Love and she’s been photographing some of the medical instruments and ephemera. All of which, by the way, have fascinated me for a number of years now. Every time I’m down there I see something I never noticed before.

Her photographs themselves are really good, but what I particularly love is the sense of discovery she conveys and how she’s sharing that sense with us.

Picture above is hers and used with permission.

One response to “Bringing history to life

  1. Hey Michelle thanks! Such nice words! I actually have a bunch of other pictures to post once I get a better handle on Photoshop (all those metal instruments – they really are sumthin’ else.)I’m also planning on having another (or a few more) photo sessions once school is over and I have the time. Also, if you are looking to see something new, the Collection just got a handful of new instruments the other day! Have fun!