The Golden Demographic Strikes Back

Warning, some language in the linked post may NSFW. Brilliant open letter to one of the toadying soap opera journalists out there about the state of affairs on soaps. He rips apart the arguments we hear network executives and soap opera press keep spinning–chiefly the crap about the youth demographic and how they need young characters to keep that demographic happy.

Which has never made sense to me. Even when I was a young adult, I never liked the youth-focuses plots on soaps. Of all the entertainment genres out there, daytime soap operas probably do the worst possible job at portraying teenagers. As a teen you’re immersed in the culture anyhow. What the heck is the point? I tuned in for the melodrama with the older characters. I still tune in for that.

The networks, particularly ABC, need to wake up and fix the damage before they kill off the genre entirely.


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