Fallen Angel

Got Otto Preminger’s Fallen Angel through Netflix this weekend. It’s very much a noir film. Dana Andrews is some sort of grifter who finds himself in a small town simply because he runs out of bus fare. Unfortunately for him, the diner he lands in turns out to have a classic femme fatale of a waitress (played by Linda Darnell). Darnell has a cadre of devoted gentlemen friends including Bruce Cabot, Percy Kilbride (of Ma and Pa Kettle fame), and my personal favorite, the always excellent Charles Bickford.

Darnell seems unimpressed by all her suitors. She wants a ring and nothing else will do. Dana Andrews gets the idea to marry rich Alice Faye. It all goes downhill from there.

Wonderful cast, incredible atmosphere, Fallen Angel is really worth acquiring or renting.

Meanwhile, I’m seriously thinking about adding every film I can find with Charles Bickford to my Netflix queue, because I’ve yet to see a bad performance from him.

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