I came back this weekend from a wonderful library conference. Normally I attend MLA, but I had an opportunity to offer a continuing education course at EAHIL, in Krakow, Poland. So I ended up doing a 4-hour course on teaching methodologies.

There’s presenting or teaching in front of students and then there’s presenting in front of your peers. I can handle students. Let’s just say I was incredibly nervous for this class. To my relief it went rather well. My audience was marvelous and I came away with some great ideas myself.

Because I taught the class, I had the chance to attend the rest of the conference. It’s a lot smaller than MLA–about 360 attendees–but it was a really well-organized and informative conference. I particularly liked getting the European perspective on library issues. Interesting to learn that Evidence-based Practice hasn’t gotten a firm foothold in many European countries (excluding the UK).

More later…


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