Monthly Archives: October 2007

New favorite show

This is what happens when I’m bored with TV. I start channel surfing and end up watching some weird show. The show in question is Survivorman. Les Stroud, who happens to be Canadian, is a survival expert. For each episode, he gets dropped off somewheres remote and dangerous. Usually he’s only got his multitool, his camera equipment (he films the episodes himself), and his trusty harmonica. For seven days he battles the element, makes a shelter, finds food, and water.

This isn’t Survivor with a bunch of idiot reality TV contestants. Stroud seems to know what he’s doing. It gets a bit goofy at times. One of my favorite episodes had him tearing up his Scooby-Doo boxer shorts for various purposes. I have to love that.

Thanksgiving redux

So I found out I will be hosting Thanksgiving again. Oddly enough, I’m kind of pleased. Last year I was panicked. Now that I’ve cooked a turkey and I know that there isn’t all that much to it, I think I’m going to enjoy stretching my culinary wings (pun intended).

Now it’s just a question of the menu. I’d like to do something a bit more challenging with the dressing.

To this end I’ve been going through all of my cooking magazines for ideas. I have way too many of them. Two were gift subscriptions. One I got because of air miles on an airline I refuse to fly. And the other two were choices.

Food & Wine (air miles) – not renewing and I’ll tell you why. Most of the recipes call for things like essence of violet and squab. The reviews are for restaurants in places like Bali and Gstaad, and their idea of an affordable wine starts at $50 a bottle.

Cooks Illustrated – I love this magazine.  Great illustrations, very easy to follow recipes, and everything is tested extensively.

Penzey’s One – Another one I really love.  They generally come from the readers so it’s considerably more folksy and homespun then say Gourmet, but all the recipes have been hits.

Gourmet & Bon Appetit – (gift subscriptions) They look like they should feature recipes with ingredients like essence of violet, but man, that isn’t the case.  Excellent all around.

I can afford to subscribe to 2. So the question is which will make the cut.