Monthly Archives: March 2008

So you’re in a car

and you realize (even if its only on a subconscious level) that you are lost. Do you:

  1. Keep on driving
  2. Look for another car on the rationale that the driver surely must know where he or she is going
  3. Stop and ask for directions

To me the answer is always #3. Why waste my time and that of my passengers’, not to mention the gasoline when I could get back on the correct path right away?

I had a reference interview today with two students who were very very lost. Paper is due Friday. And they apologized up and down, this way and that for not knowing what they are doing. I also got the “I’m sorry you must have something important to do.” To which I replied, “Yes, helping you.”

People don’t like to ask for help and I just don’t get it. Like the guy who will drive clear into another state rather than stop at a gas station to get directions, they will wander around for days lost and confused. Why? Because it’s an admission of what? irredeemable failure? stupidity?

The system is flawed. Sorry, it is. All the OPACS and the Link Resolvers and the databases–it’s become so complex.

“The user is not broken.”