An Ode to Ravelry

Been AWOL for a bit. You can blame knitting and Netflix for that. Well, and Ravelry.

Let’s talk about knitting. I promise this is not going to turn into a knitting blog. I have my plurk for that. And I have Ravelry.

Ravelry is a glorious, wondrous thing. It’s considered a social networking site, but it’s specialized for knitters and crocheters.

It allows you to catalog your needles and your yarn stash. For my friends wondering why my Flickr account is mostly pictures of yarn skeins, well, that’s why.

Reader, I cataloged my yarn. I’m a librarian, are you surprised?

Maybe I’ve forgotten what weight a yarn is. I type it into Ravelry’s search box and I have not only the weight, the composition, the yardage. I also can see if people have made comments about it. This is very helpful when it costs like $13.95 a skein and 15 people report that it pills like crazy. I can also see if people are willing to trade or sell it their yarn. I can trade or sell mine. My knitting books are cataloged on Ravelry.

You can put your projects on Ravelry. You can put the things you want to do in a queue. You can look at other people’s projects, their blog posts. There are lots of free patterns on ravelry. They have quite a robust little search engine to locate these. I can tag my projects and my yarn.

There are groups and forums. I’m a newish knitter and when on the 4th of July weekend I was smack dab in the middle of a project and got confused with directions, all I had to do was post a question on Ravelry and I had an answer. Several answers.

It is beyond cool. It’s free and I’m on there. If you are too, please look me up. And if you knit or crochet and you’re not on there, join!


One response to “An Ode to Ravelry

  1. I love Ravelry too!I am also a newish knitter…I would be lost without Ravelry. I too have found plurk…I am now doomed to knit less and plurk more.

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