Monthly Archives: October 2008

Fantastic place to eat

The Spiced Pear – butter poached Maine Lobster

Seriously good eats.

New addiction

Thanks to the wondrousness that is Netflix, I’ve gotten into a new series: Dexter. It’s based on the books by Jeff Lindsay. The premise is really pretty cool: Dexter is a sociopath who manages to get by in society because his foster father recognized what he suffered from early on and channeled his energies into an um…more “healthy” direction. That is, he taught Dexter how to blend in and how to avoid capture. The other thing the writers have done is to employ voice-over. It’s a good way of drawing the audience over to Dexter’s point-of-view automatically. Dexter has a need to kill. Instead of going after just anyone, he only preys on killers.

Not that this makes what he does right. It’s like Weeds (Mary Louise Parker’s character sells pot, which isn’t that admirable, but is more so than say, selling crack). It makes it more palatable for audiences.

Michael C. Hall, an actor I really like, plays Dexter. The overall cast is excellent. Julie Benz (Darla from Buffy and Angel) plays the girlfriend who is totally ignorant of what Dexter really is all about. Two of the supporting cast Lauren Velez and David Zayas are standouts.

This is a well-written, wry, dark, and gripping little show. They’re into the third season and I’ve yet to be disappointed by it.