Monthly Archives: November 2008

Bits of my childhood

So my mom is sorting through stuff and asked me if I wanted some of my old toys and memorabilia. I’ve been gradually going through the boxes. It’s been very weird and often unexpectedly moving.

This is not my homage to Dare Wright, just two of the toys that I remember most vividly. The doll bed was a present from my parents. My dad made the bed and my mom made the hangings and the linens. I can’t recall what I’d named the doll (also wearing clothes my mom sewed, but the teddy bear was Gwendolyn.

Then we have this lovely scene. Mandy (the name she came with) was also in the box along with assorted outfits for her and the baby doll, and Corduroy the Bear (elementary school project).

I spent this weekend washing and mending the doll clothes. No logical explanation.It just seemed important to me. The baby doll’s outfit is one I remember well. Mom made me a top for me out of the same striped fabric. I think that Mandy’s flannel dress is fabric that was a nightgown.

The question is…well, what do I do with this stuff? I don’t want to give it away. These were objects that had a special place in my life. I don’t have children of my own. I’m not about to display these things.

Some of the other toys I am going to give to my friends for their children. I kept the Lincoln Logs (real wood, thank you very much) and some of the Fisher Price things for when my friend’s son comes over.

But these are special. I guess I’ll just pack them up as carefully as I can and maybe someday I’ll take the box off the shelf and look at it once more.