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Be seeing you

Patrick McGoohan passed away today. I’ve been a fan for a long time. In fact, I’m probably the only person in America who went to see Braveheart because I found out he was in it.

He left some really good work behind in assorted films and television appearances (his work on Columbo was really good and he got two Emmys for it), but I think my favorite McGoohan shows were Secret Agent and The Prisoner. Especially the Prisoner. He didn’t just star in it. He wrote and directed episodes (some under pseudonyms). The show was very much his baby. Nobody made anything like it before its debut in 1967 and I would argue that it’s never been equalled or approached since.

He will be missed.

Last day of class

I meant to post about this when it actually happened, but I figure it’s still worth talking about.

Way back in the summer I was asked to go do a 40 minute BI in a exercise science/nutrition class on avoiding plagiarism and evaluating websites (yeah, I know, two topics that don’t exactly go hand and hand). I agreed and to be honest was so not looking forward to it. The instructor left and the new person who inherited the course still wanted me to do it, just could we switch the dates. Without thinking I agreed. It wasn’t until late in November that I realized that I would be showing up on the very last day of class.

Recipe for disaster.

Or not.

I have the thing all prepped from the last time, but one night I’m watching TV and one of these horrid commercials on the general greatness of High Fructose Corn Syrup comes on.

Ok, so these are exercise science and nutrition students and they know darn well that this is a load of hooey. And I have them. I can feel it. I point out the web site and say, we’ll look at it in a sec, but first I thought you might like this:

And they’re dying.

We then go to the link off the first video which leads to the Corn Refiners Association site and then I’m able to talk about bias, how to evaluate web sites etc.

It worked so well I’m hoping I can use this again.