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Seven things you (probably) don’t know about me

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1. I have a younger brother who makes chain mail for a hobby.
2. I am a devout fan of the Mapp & Lucia
novels by E.F. Benson. So much so that when my friend went to Rye, he actually brought me back a Mapp and Lucia tea towel.
3. I do not drink Canadian whiskey thanks to a collegiate incident that involved me ending up with Lucille Ball red hair for a couple of months.
4. It was my miserable job doing health insurance billing that prompted me to go to library school.
5. I have kept a plant alive for over 10 years.
6. I went to see Braveheart because Patrick McGoohan was in it.
7. I once organized my non-fiction according to Library of Congress Classification.

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Cutting the cable

I called Time Warner today and scaled down to Basic Cable. I’m still getting quite a few channels (my beloved TCM among them), but not nearly the number I had before and no more HBO. The latter is going to hurt quite a bit–not for the movies, but because some of the best series in the past few years have come from HBO. Lost aside, I’m not seeing anything significant from the regular networks.

My reason for this decision was mainly financial, but to be honest, I reached it after having several successive nights flicking through the insane amount of channels I had access to, as well as on demand options, and realizing that the only thing worth watching was “Cesar Milan, Dog Whisperer.” Reader, I knew that was a sign from above.

Ready, Ok?

As a major Lost fan, I’ve become fascinated by Michael Emerson. So I started looking into his credits and found that he had a part in a film done by his wife’s film company, actress Carrie Preston. Actually he has made a couple of movies for her film company, but the one I ended up seeing was Ready? Ok.

Ready? OK!
is about a little boy who wants very much to be a cheerleader. His mom, played by Carrie Preston, is raising him by herself and wants very much for him to be a little boy who conforms with mainstream society. Emerson plays her gay neighbor who is sympathetic to her son’s struggles. The film is worth seeing just to watch Michael Emerson do a cheer, but I found it quite poignant and really well done.

Some very nice performances from John G. Preston, Tara Karsian, and Lurie Poston.