Ready, Ok?

As a major Lost fan, I’ve become fascinated by Michael Emerson. So I started looking into his credits and found that he had a part in a film done by his wife’s film company, actress Carrie Preston. Actually he has made a couple of movies for her film company, but the one I ended up seeing was Ready? Ok.

Ready? OK!
is about a little boy who wants very much to be a cheerleader. His mom, played by Carrie Preston, is raising him by herself and wants very much for him to be a little boy who conforms with mainstream society. Emerson plays her gay neighbor who is sympathetic to her son’s struggles. The film is worth seeing just to watch Michael Emerson do a cheer, but I found it quite poignant and really well done.

Some very nice performances from John G. Preston, Tara Karsian, and Lurie Poston.


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