Monthly Archives: January 2012

New Year’s Resolutions

I had an official list, but I’m adding to it.

Right now, I have one big one: label my photographs.

I’ve been working on my genealogy. This has its challenges. Surnames like Schwartz–a needle in the haystack if ever there was one. Relatives who changed the first names they went by apparently on a daily basis. For instance my great grandfather named both his sons “George.” He was married twice. Both to women who went by Maria, Mary, and Marie. Fun. Actually, though if I’m honest about it, part of why I’ve kept up with this, is that it is fun. Detective work if you will.

I’ve been going through old photographs. The pictures are great to look at. The trouble is almost all of them are not labeled.  Occasionally I’ll find a date scribbled on the back. One lovely snap had a man with his foot rakishly perched on a running board. It was labeled meticulously with the make and model of the car, but I have no clue who the man is. The ones that kill me are the family groupings in what clearly looks like “the old country.” None of them labeled.

Then I think about my photo albums. Some were labeled, but a lot were not or were labeled incompletely.  For 2012, therefore, one of my projects will be to label these things. With names and dates if I can manage it.