MLA Conference Lessons that I should have remembered

  1. Wear comfortable shoes. Forget about fashion. Remember blisters.
  2. Immediately after meeting receiving a business card from someone, write down the context on the back of the card.
  3. Do not overpack. See #4
  4. Be selective about vendor giveaways. My hotel room always looks like the side of the Oregon Trail when I check out.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes. I had to opt out of several activities simply because I could barely hobble back to my hotel.
  6. Figure out your schedule loosely before you get to the conference and then minutely once you get the paper copy of the program. MLA’s online conference planner is atrocious.
  7. Take notes. You think you’ll remember key points, but you won’t.
  8. Be not ashamed of knitting in public. Ok, this one I did not forget. I happily knitted during presentations and plenaries.. I got some dirty looks from librarians who promptly sat down with their iphones and ipads and played angry birds or whatever.
  9. Just slog through it. Just go to stuff. Fight the wall. I am glad I came to Seattle, but I gave up too easily mainly because I forgot to do #1, #5, and #10.
  10. Wear comfortable shoes. Blisters having no blisters is never a good thing.

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