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Shirley Temple all grown up

I have a fond memory of being at some dinner with my parents at a dinner somewhere and being given a Shirley Temple.  At the time it looked like a real cocktail and as I recall it, it was pretty tasty too. That was back in the dark ages. When if there was sugar in something, it was sugar or cane syrup and not high fructose corn syrup. For all I know grenadine was made with real pomegranates too. The ginger ale, I suspect, was pretty standard stuff.
I tried making my own Shirley Temple and it was just gnarly. The ginger ale is crap. Rose’s Grenadine is high fructose corn syrup and some red dye #something. And maraschino cherries, well they’re pretty much that too.
But I thought I can do better. First thing I did was buy some decent ginger ale. There are probably lots of alternatives and I know you can make your own, but in the interest of instant gratification I went with GuS (Grown-up Soda). There’s like actual ginger root extract in there.
For the grenadine, I found this which has actual pomegranates in there. Notice I keep using the word “actual.” The only relationship this has to Rose’s Grenadine is in the name.
There’s supposed to be a splash of orange juice but I forgot to get it and well, I wanted to try this then and now.
Ok, on it’s own, this is a pretty tasty Shirley Temple.
*couple of splashes of grenadine into a glass (I went with a general tumbler)
*ginger ale
*couple of maraschino cherries
Now to elevate this to a grown up drink, which is what I have pictured, I started with an ounce of bourbon as well as the rest of those ingredients. Very nice refreshing little drink.