For the win!

They say you shouldn’t try out new recipes for parties without a test run and normally I am a firm believer in that rule. But every so often I break it usually with lackluster results. Sometimes though, there are wondrous exceptions. Here is one of those exceptions: Jam Crostata

Doesn’t it look splendid? This would be the Italian Jam Crostata from Chow. This one has more of a shortbread like dough. Came together quite simply per the directions. There was one ambiguous direction — you halve the dough; take one half and press it to a plate, cover it with plastic;  and put it in the freezer, but it doesn’t say for how long. After some frantic internet searching, I went with 7-10 minutes and hoped for the best.

I probably shouldn’t have taken it out of the springform pan as I was taking it somewhere and travel became a bit interesting…

Tasted pretty awesome. I used some Wilton’s seedless raspberry jam. I didn’t use any mods to the recipe. Next time I may change up the proportions of the extracts to give the almond a bit more oomph.


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