Plum tart

We’ve been getting tons of plums from our CSA. I love them, but you reach a point where you have to start baking or canning stuff before they go bad. I had been going with an ersatz plum crisp, but I was getting sick of that, so I opted plum tartto make a tart. I ran into a few difficulties. Surprise surprise.

Sadly, it looks nowhere near as pretty as the one in the Epicurious recipe. This would be due to the fact that I was using a bunch of different types of plums. That meant I had different sized slices (first problem). Second problem was that I didn’t halve this the way I was supposed to. That realization came to me as I was dumping in the juice and sugar mixture and had crossed the rubicon as it were. The result was that I had way too much liquid and it was way too sweet. Live and learn!


One response to “Plum tart

  1. Loved this post! You made very wonderful bakes! =)