And then there was jam

I’ve been experimenting with home canning over the past month. I have meant to post, truly I have, but well, these things happen. Anyhow, I present to you one of my successes, Apricot Rosemary Jam from Food in Jars:

apricot rosemary jam

There have been some interesting um, failures. Okay, everything tastes great, but when you set out to make sour cherry jam and you end up with sour cherry ice cream topping, it rankles.

Then there was the blueberry jam, which again tastes great but is now so solid it’s a bit scary. Pectin seems to be my bête noire. I note that my most successful jams a sweet apricot jam and the apricot rosemary jam above did not require it.

So okay, the apricot rosemary goodness. Like a lot of the Food in Jars recipes it wasn’t too complicated to make. I used it as a glaze on a chicken breast for my supper and it was fantastic.

The actual canning process isn’t that hard. It’s hot and it makes for sweaty work, but so far I have refrained from injuring myself. I guess the test results for whether I was successful in avoiding creating vile botulism strains  won’t be in for a few months, but we can but hope.


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